COWC's theme for 2018-2019 was Climate Change - The Human Impact


We chose the theme of Climate Change – The Human Impact to reflect COWC’s position in Carlisle of raising awareness, not just of the current crises and inequalities in the world and ways of addressing them, but also of some of the root causes of these crises. For example, if we look at the Refugee Crisis, there has been a long term exodus of people from impoverished countries, particularly in Africa, over the last few decades. They are seeking a better life as a result of floods, famine, desertification and different aspects of climate change which has in turn caused political crises, tensions and conflict over land, water and other precious resources and forced people to leave their homes for a better life and opportunities for their families elsewhere. 

We hoped, through this theme year, to increase awareness locally of the direct links between climate change and poverty around the world, promoting discussion, generating ideas and global and local solutions in households, schools and public venues around North Cumbria. 


 Talks and Assemblies

As part of the year COWC staff and volunteers  delivered talks and assemblies in local schools and colleges. We have developed a short film which highlights the impact of climate change on communities from Kenya to India and Carlisle.


Watch video of Mike Berners-Lee's talk in Tullie House Carlisle on 27th September 2018 as part of the Borderlines Book Festival: There is No Planet B


Carlisle Plastics Campaign

COWC works with volunteers from Sustainable Carlisle to introduce and promote the new water refill scheme Refill Carlisle. For more information download the Refill App or visit


The Big Shift campaign by Christian Aid has some excellent resources to raise awareness of and promote action on Climate Change 

The BBC website has an informative feed on Climate Change

The website is an excellent campaigning tool on Climate Change and reducing the use of fossil fuels.

CAFOD also campaigns on Climate Change in the UK and around the world, asking MPs to sign up to be Zero Heroes

Oxfam has a range of educational resources on Climate Change here

Friends of The Earth campaign on a range of climate change issues, including fracking, plastics and renewable energies


Contact us

To arrange a talk, borrow books or DVDs from our One World Library, show our short film, or talk about a public screening of a Climate Change Awareness film.

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